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Drupal is a very powerful content management system (CMS) and you can build almost every kind of website using it. Unlike WordPress, Drupal is very complex in its structure and has a steep learning curve. It has got a large community base of developers and users but one thing that drupal lacks is the availability of good themes, especially the free ones. Today where responsive themes are the necessity of a good website, Drupal has only few themes that are responsive in functionality. On the other hand WordPress has got tons of free responsive themes to choose from.

A Responsive theme is a type of theme that can adjust itself accordingly to the type device, it is viewed on. The content of the website is stacked up vertically, so that the user doesn’t have to scroll sideways on the device.

Here I will be listing some good freely available Drupal 7 responsive themes for drupal lovers.

Thor – A responsive base theme, using Sass and Zen-grids.The colours file can be enabled on the them settings page.

Deoun – Responsive HTML5 base theme using the Skeleton CSS grid system.

Whiteboard Framework  – A responsive Drupal theme based on the Whiteboard Framework theme for WordPress.

Domicile Retrofit – This theme was originally created for the Responsive Web Design workshop. It is a sub-theme of NineSixty and a retrofit of the theme Domicile.

Poultry – A fluid-width, responsive Zen 7.x-5.x sub-theme developed for RedHen CRM.

Alloy – A simple responsive subtheme for the base theme Fusion. Uses all of Fusion’s default regions and adds a few extra CSS3-enhanced skins for blocks. Detailed README file includes instructions for flyout menus with Superfish, and older IE support with the polyfill css3-mediaqueries.js via Fusion Accelerator.

Ingrained – Ingrained is a two column responsive design with narrow (sidebar) content on the left and using the Omega base theme. Original design by Jozef Toth (, theme by Emma Jane and Design to Theme for the Responsive Web Design workshop.

adaptIC – is a simple responsive theme. The ultimate goal for this theme is to create a clean starting point for someone to create their own responsive website without worrying about too many configuration options.

Ember – Ember is a responsive administration theme for use with the upcoming Spark distribution. It is based on the Seven admin theme and is in concurrent development with the Edit and Layout modules. Ember is designed specifically with Spark users in mind, though it can be used on a standalone basis as well.

Responsive Blog  is a responsive multipurpose Drupal 7 theme. We have created the theme with a wide range of sites in mind.
Overall Responsive Blog has a very clean and elegant design without much clutter. Its a very sleek solution that will make any site really stand out and look fantastic. The theme is completely responsive, and has been tested on the iPhone and iPad for optimal performance. This is an all around great theme, useful for almost any project.

Responsive Business is a responsive, feature-rich Drupal 7 theme which is perfect for any business, portfolio site that requires full mobile support and also wants a site that looks elegant, professional and awesome.The fully responsive layout makes it so users on both computers and mobile devices can browse your site with great ease, so you will no longer lose potential clients.

Premium Responsive Theme is a great looking Responsive Drupal 7 theme. It’s the fully responsive design. This theme comes in 4 distinct layouts so that it looks great not only on your regular computer but also on tablets (such as the iPad) and mobile phones like the iPhone.

SigmaOne is an advanced theme framework for designed for novice user to advanced user.It provides easy to use configuration area GUI for novice user to use. The goal is to let user configure the layouts of their site without touching a single php code.For more advanced user, they can turn off the GUI and use easy syntax similar to Drupal .info files to define their custom layout easily.

Square Grid theme is Lightweight, Responsive, Mobile-first, Content-first, HTML5. Square Grid theme provides a framework for your page layout … and that’s it. It incorporates responsive design settings to present usable layouts for mobile and desktop. That’s it. We want your theme to load quickly, with as little grid framework css as possible.

FontFolio – FontFolio is a Responsive showcase theme for designers, artists and craft persons. It presents full width/liquid grid layout for front page and categories pages, and 2 column layout for inner pages.

Versatile is a base theme suitable for use with Panels Everywhere. It is targeted at user’s who want to use Panels Everywhere and a base theme but does not want to be restricted by a grid system such as the one used in Precision.

Professional Theme is a very modern and professional Drupal theme that is perfect for all sorts of corporate and small business websites. It comes with a very elegant and professional responsive design that is sure to impress no matter what screen size your visitors are using.

Mobile eCommerce is supported using responsive design methods, so your online store will display and work across mobile channels without any extra work or effort.

Arctica is your theme of choice if you want an easy interface to manage responsive layouts, to optimize the experience for mobile and tablet as well as big-screen users. Arctica is a clean and fast base theme with only the features you need for modern theme development.

eClean theme is a responsive HTML5/CSS3 theme based on 1140 grid.It is built to work in most browsers, both in computers and smartphones and works fine as administration theme.

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