Solution or Fix for WiFi Internet Not Working or Working Slow

Wireless Internet has become a need for everyone especially in homes and small offices. It is because you do not have to lay wires everywhere to access internet and it offers incredible portability or freedom among users. But it has disadvantages and problems too that sometimes can become a headache to tackle or resolve.


A common problem that arises in Wi-Fi internet is that sometimes on even being connected, you are not able to open any websites. The internet is working fine using Ethernet or LAN cable but not working in Wi-Fi mode. Slow internet speed is another problem that is very common among Wi-Fi internet connections. Here I will give you the solution on how to resolve and fix these two most common Wi-Fi problems.

Why your WiFi is Not Working or WiFi Internet working Slow

Here is the main reason for most of your Wi-Fi problems.

Interference due to Neighboring Radio Devices

The main reason for a slow Wi-Fi internet and not working Wi-Fi internet given that other things are ok and working fine is due to interference caused by neighboring radio devices that includes your mobile or cell phones, neighbors Wi-Fi routers, other Wi-Fi enabled devices like Wi-Fi mouse, keyboard etc.

All radio devices works on a particular frequency but sometimes these frequencies can overlap on each other and causes interference which results in non-functioning or hindrance in the working of either one of the Wi-Fi devices.

Solution and Fix

Here is the solution for fixing Wi-Fi Internet by removing interference caused by radio devices.

Switch Off your Radio Devices

Switch of all your radio or Wi-Fi based devices excluding your Wi-Fi router and see that the internet is working or not. If it is working then you have solved your problem. Now you can turn on your radio based devices again.

Change Wi-Fi Channels (Recommended Fix)

A router works on a particular frequency band and this frequency band is divided into small multiple channels. Most of the routers work on 2.4 GHz frequency range and it is divided into multiple channels which are shown below in the image. If your problem is not solved by switching off the various radio based devices then the best and the recommended solution for fixing your Wi-Fi Internet is to change the channels in your Wi-Fi router.


Wi-Fi Channels

To change your Wi-Fi channel go to your router configuration page and in there change the channel to 1, 6, or 11. I am recommending these channels because they do not overlap as much as the other channels and avoids interference.


Change Wi-Fi Channel

If these channels are not working for you then you can try and test other channels also. After changing the channel your Wi-Fi internet will work again or will work faster if it was slow before.

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