How to Get More Performance Out of your Old PC

A PC can get outdated very fast because newer, faster and more advanced computer components are released every month or so. It is not possible for everyone to buy new hardware in such a short time and keep your desktop PC in check with the latest hardware because it is a very expensive matter. But you can still increase the performance of your old PC by doing the following things mentioned below.


Tips to Increase your Old PC Performance

Here are some things that you can do to your old desktop computer to increase its performance to a greater level.

Overclock your Processor

The first thing that you can do is to overclock your processor. By Overclocking you can run your processor at higher speeds to get more performance out of it, but the performance increase depends on the extent of your overclocking. Overclocking of processor is done under BIOS settings where you can change either that CPU multiplier or FSB speed to run your processor at higher speeds. Overclocking is a skill and is not meant for novice and amateur users. So if you are new to overclocking then you must do extensive research on it, read more on more articles on internet about it and if possible ask an expert for their advice, because if anything goes wrong then your might end up damaging your processor permanently.

Upgrade your Processor

You can also upgrade your processor to a better and faster one. You can find the faster older generation refurbished processors on ebay or at some local computer hardware store. This is because companies stop the production of older processor models when they launched their latest processors. When buying an older but faster refurbished processor, you must test it thoroughly if you are getting it from a local computer shop.

Install more RAM

You can add more RAM or Memory to your current PC to up its performance. If all of your RAM slots are pre-occupied then you can buy a higher capacity RAM stick and remove & sell the older ones that are installed on your motherboard.

Overclock your Graphics card

If you have a graphics card then you also overclock it to get more performance in games. You can use EVGA Precision to overclock your graphics card.

Tweak Windows settings

You can tweak and optimize your Windows OS settings to gain some extra performance. Here you can disable the services that you do not need because these unwanted services run in background and consumes good deal of CPU and Memory.

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