How Ola Cabs App is Draining your Smartphone Battery

Ola Cabs is an Indian Taxi aggregator service that provides booking of Taxis online in India through its Mobile App. The service is becoming quite popular in India and at times it can provide you cheaper rates for taxis by using special offers and coupons.


For booking of taxi through Ola Cabs you have to use its mobile app. Its mobile app is available for all major mobile platforms that include Android, Windows and iOS. So after hearing some good reviews from my friends and relatives I decided to install the Ola App on my android smartphone. The size of the app is about 13MB – 14 MB and I faced no issues in installing it. The app requires access to your GPS, Wi-Fi and your internet connection when you first run it, and you have register for an account which I did. After few days I begin to notice that the battery backup time of my smartphone has considerably reduced to quite a bit with the same amount of usage and the culprit that I found is the ola cabs app only. So here in this post I will tell you about the mystery of battery draining when using ola cabs app and how you can fix it.

How Ola Cabs App Drains your Smartphone’s Battery

Here is how you can face battery drainage issues after using the ola cabs app.

It Keeps GPS Running

Ola Cabs App uses Google Maps for their GPS functionality and navigation so when you first run the app it automatically turn on your GPS because it needs it, but it never turns it off even when you exit the app. The GPS keeps on running in the background until you manually turn it off.

Keeps Wi-Fi Scanning Running

Secondly the Ola Cabs App changes some settings in your phone Wi-Fi. It turns ON the option of “Scanning always available” in advanced Wi-Fi settings which is another major source of battery drainage. It is an option / setting that enables Google’s location service and other apps scan for networks, even when Wi-Fi is off. So after installing the ola cabs app if you are facing battery drainage issues then you must check and turn off these options when you are done with app.

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