Fix for Graphics card not detected by Motherboard

If you have purchased a new graphics card then there might be a possibility that your motherboard is not detecting your new card or we can say that the card is not being detected by your PC. This is a common problem that can occur due to various reasons, but you can solve it easily by following the various solutions mentioned below.


Solutions to Graphics Card not detected by Motherboard

Here are the various things that you can try do to solve this problem.

Update BIOS

If your motherboard is running an old version of BIOS then the first thing to do is to update your BIOS to the latest one. You can find the latest version of BIOS on your motherboard’s manufacturer website. This is because sometimes an older version of BIOS is unable to detect newer graphics cards.

Check Graphics Card Installation

Check whether your Graphics card is properly installed in your PCI Express x16 slot because sometimes it can happen that the card is not seated properly in the slot and your motherboard is unable to detect it. So pull up your graphics card and place it properly on the PCI Express x16 slot on your motherboard.

Turn Off Onboard Video/Graphics in BIOS

Next thing you can do is to turn off onboard graphics/video in BIOS settings. You can find this setting in advanced->chipset->northbridge BIOS menu but it varies from BIOS to BIOS, so you have to figure it out or you can ask me by leaving a comment below. Under this setting set Initial Display/Graphics to PEG or PCIe x16.

Replace SMPS to higher capacity (branded one)

If you are using a low quality, low capacity and cheap SMPS or PSU then you should replace it with a high quality branded SMPS. This is because cheap and inferior PSUs are unable to provide the required power or current to the graphics card and this will cause problem for your card to power up.

Replace Display/Video Cable

Replace your display/video cable whether it is VGA/DVI or HDMI one. Also avoid using display adapters on the cable to avoid any trouble. Always buy a good quality video cable for your graphics card and LCD monitor.

Faulty card

If you have tried all the things mentioned above but not getting the result then it might be possible that you have a faulty graphics card, so here get your graphics card exchanged or get a refund from the seller so that you can buy another one from other online store or shop.

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