DVD / CD Burning tips – How to successfully burn a DVD / CD

DVD / CD burning is a pretty easy thing to do but if you are not careful then you might end up with a bad burn. Here are some tips that you can follow to avoid it.


Tips for Successful DVD or CD Burning

Here are some important tips that everyone should follow when burning or writing data onto DVD or CD.

Use Good Optical Media  (DVD/CD) Quality

Always purchase good quality branded blank media as they are reliable and are free from any defects. Some of the examples of good media are sony, verbatim, moserbaer, amkette etc.

Burn at Slow Speed

Do not burn your media at high speeds even if your media or recorder allows it. For safe burn always burn your DVD’s at 4x speed and CD’s at 24x speed. This is the most important part of burning process. Higher speeds can result in the unsuccessful recording and you will to waste one blank media for that. Burning at lower speeds can also result in the increased life of the disc and data.

Turn Off Unwanted Background Applications

Do not run any unwanted application in the background when burning. Use Task Manager or Process Explorer to kill or terminate unwanted programs running in the background. You can also turn off your antivirus when burning.

Use Good Software/Program for Burning

Use a good CD burning software like Nero or Roxio. There are also many free CD burning program available on the internet.

Some Free Softwares for DVD/ CD Burning

Best CD / DVD Manufacturers in India

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