Check your Hard Disk temperature using Hard Drive Monitor

Hard Drive Monitor is a nifty little program used to check and monitor the temperature of your Hard Disk. Hard Drives may get heated to extreme levels sometimes and can result in disk failure or loss of your valuable data. In Desktops hard disk does not overheat that much but in laptops it is very common for a hard drive to get overheat to a greater extent. This is because of the compact nature of the laptop where all components sit side by side reducing the airflow between them. So to overcome this problem you should always monitor and check your hard disk temperature regularly especially in summer and take necessary steps to cool it down to safe level. One way to keep the temperature down is to use a cooling pad for the laptop.


You can monitor your HDD temperature by using Hard Drive Monitor. It is a free standalone program that reports the temperature and other advanced details of your hard drive. It supports all Windows OS including Windows Vista and Windows 7. It can read and monitor S.M.A.R.T. data of all your hard drives.  S.M.A.R.T  data is important for letting you know the health of your disks. This program is only 678.5 KB in size and you can download it from here.

Features of Hard Drive Monitor

  • Tiny monitoring utility, use a small amount of resources itself
  • No installation needed, you can launch it from USB Flash disk
  • Show you drive temperature in real time (run as a little icon in your system tray)
  • Support multi hard drives
  • Freeware and easy to use
  • Support all Windows OS, include Windows Vista 64bits and Windows 7

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