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Fix, Tips & Solutions for Smartphone Overheating Issues

Smartphones have become very advanced and faster with the addition of better hardware components and software. They can now perform large amount processing without any lags because of the

Tips to Keep your Smartphone in Good Shape & Condition

Smartphones might have replaced the traditional mobile phones in popularity and use to a great extent but one thing they still lack is the robustness and durability of simple

Reduce Windows 7 Memory Usage for Low RAM Computers

Windows 7 is a very popular Windows operating system and is used by many people around the world. It requires at least 2GB of RAM to run smoothly on

Tips to Make Firefox Faster, Safer & Less Resource Hungry

Mozilla Firefox is one of the most popular and highly used internet browsers in the world. It is also a very feature rich and one of the fastest browser

Tweak your Router, Modem & OS Settings for Better Internet

Slow and laggy Internet is the most common problem faced by many broadband users all round the world. Broadband Internet connection is generally provided through DSL / ADSL Modems

Windows Generic Non-PnP Monitor Problem Fix or Solution

Here in this post I will tell you on how to fix windows generic non-pnp monitor problem and discuss the various reasons that causes it. I have seen that

Tips on Downloading Drivers from Internet for your Computer

Internet is a vast place and you can virtually find anything on it, be it softwares, movies, books, videos, audio etc. You can order or download anything from the

Important Battery Charging Tips for your Smartphone

Charging the battery of your Smartphone is a very simple thing to do but you should know that there is a good difference between casual charging and proper charging
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