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How to Reduce Windows 7 Installation Size to Save Space

Windows 7 is one of the most popular and widely used Operating System from Microsoft. It is a great OS but needs decent amount of resources to run smoothly

How to Free Up & Add Extra USB Ports on your PC

Universal Serial Bus or USB is the most common and popular interface for connecting external devices to your PC or computer. These devices include printer, mouse, keyboard, scanner, webcam

How to Find a Good WordPress Theme for your Blog?

When you start your WordPress blog then the first thing that you look for is a good theme. A theme is the most important part of your WordPress blog

How to Find a Good Charging & Data Cable for your Smartphone

A data (sync) and charging cable is one of the most important things for your Smartphone. It does two jobs for you, firstly it allows you to exchange or

How to Find the Best Graphics Card in your Budget?

Graphics Card may not be of any interest to normal or casual PC users but it is the most important component for Gamers and Power users. Graphics card is

How to Keep your Computer Safe from Viruses or Malwares

Getting infected by a virus or malware is one of the most terrible things that can happen to your computer. It is very difficult for even an antivirus to

How to Choose a Good 3G Data Card or USB Dongle

Data Card is a USB enabled and powered device that lets you to connect to the Internet using your mobile SIM card. It is very useful for people who

How to Choose a Good Domain Name for your Blog or Website

A Domain is the address of your blog or website on the Internet. A domain consists of two parts, a domain name and a domain extension. A domain name
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