Tips to get more performance in PC games

Now days computer games are very resource intensive and can bring your computer performance to knees. Then you will not be able enjoy the game because then it starts lagging and you will not get playable frame rates in the game. To get maximum performance and fps (frames per second) you should try to do each and every possible thing that you can think of. By following some simple tips you can increase the performance in your games to a noticeable extent. They are as follows:

Top Tips to get better Performance in PC games

Here are some important tips that will help you get more performance in PC games.

Disable all background applications

Disable all the background services / applications when playing the game. Do not disable system /OS applications or services. Leave them alone as they were.

Disable your Anti-virus program

This is the most important thing to do when playing the game. Disable and turn off your anti-virus program before launching your game. Anti-virus consumes lot of resources running in the background so it is better to turn it off when playing game.

Turn off Anti-aliasing

Turn off the anti-aliasing setting in the game. Anti-aliasing is a very expensive in game setting and it slows down the game even when you have a powerful graphics card so it is better to turn it off.

Disable your LAN/Internet connection

If you are playing offline then it is better to turn your internet connection off.

Update to latest Graphics Card Drivers

Last but not the least, update your graphics card drivers regularly to keep in touch with newer games. Latest drivers are optimized especially for the newer games so install them by downloading them from the video card manufacturer’s website.

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