Some Useful Windows Key Keyboard Shortcuts to Save Time & Effort

Working on a computer can be painful when you work for continuously long hours. Moving or working with mouse can put a lot of stress on your hand during long sessions. Some Windows Key shortcuts can prove very handy and they may also help you save time and effort required for your day to day work.

These shortcuts can replace your mouse work/function as they are very easy to launch and you do not have to move your mouse around to get the same things done.


Here I am listing down some very important Windows Key Shortcuts or Windows Hotkeys Keyboard Shortcuts that can be very useful for you. These Shortcuts are especially for Windows 7 and above Windows Operating System.

Usage: Press Windows Key in your Keyboard first and then the other Key

Win + E My Computer

Win + M Minimize

Win + D Show Desktop

Win + Up Maximize

Win + Down Restore / Minimize

Win + Left Snap to left

Win + Right Snap to right

Win + Shift + Left Jump to left monitor

Win + Shift + Right Jump to right monitor

Win + Home Minimize / Restore all other windows

Win + T Focus on the first taskbar entry (Pressing again will cycle through them)

Win + Shift + T Cycles it backwards.

Win + Space Peek at the desktop

Win + G Bring gadgets to the top of the Z-order

Win + P External display options (mirror, extend desktop, etc)

Win + X Mobility Center (same as Vista, but still handy!)

Win + # (# a number key) Launches a new instance of the application in the Nth slot on the taskbar.

Example: Win+1 launches first pinned application and Win + 2 launches second, etc.

Win + + / Win + – (plus or minus key) Zoom in or Zoom out.

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