Remove Junk Files from your PC using CCleaner

Windows Operating System creates a lot of temporary files over the time. These files can take a lot of space and sometimes becomes a home for Malware and Spyware. It can also risk our privacy putting us in a lot of danger, but the question is how to remove these junk files that are created over a period of time? The answer is a system optimization and a file cleaning tool called CCleaner.

CCleaner is a system optimization, privacy and cleaning tool for Windows. It removes unused files from your system and allows Windows to run faster and freeing up valuable hard disk space. It also cleans traces of your online activities such as your Internet history. It also features a Registry Cleaner to remove obsolete and junk registry entries from the operating system.


CCleaner is very fast in operation and it contains no Spyware and Adware. It requires Windows 2000 / XP / 2003 / Vista / Windows7 / XP64 / Vista64 / Windows7 64 and is available in Multiple Languages. It is a Freeware and you can download this tool from here.

It cleans all areas of your Computer that includes:

Internet Explorer – Temporary files, history, cookies, Autocomplete form history, index.dat.

Firefox -Temporary files, history, cookies, download history, form history.

Google Chrome – Temporary files, history, cookies, download history, form history.

Opera – Temporary files, history, cookies.

Apple Safari – Temporary files, history, cookies, form history.

Windows – Recycle Bin, Recent Documents, Temporary files and Log files.

Registry Cleaner – Advanced features to remove unused and old registry entries.

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