Monitor and Troubleshoot your Wi-Fi using inSSIDer

inSSIDer is a W-Fi network scanning and monitoring software. It is developed by MetaGeek. It is pretty handy utility for troubleshooting your Wi-Fi connection. If you have a good internet connection but facing with low Wi-Fi speeds then you can use this software to analyze your Wi-Fi connection and see what is blocking or interfering your Wi-Fi network. This problem sometime happens because of the nearby interfering channels with your Wi-Fi network channels. So by using this software you can easily identify the vacant channels and set your Wi-Fi mode to that channel.


inSSIDer is an open source software and it supports Windows, Linux, Mac and Android. By using inSSIDer you can accomplish the following tasks:-

  • Measure signal strength of WLAN networks
  • Identify maximum rates and security types
  • Spot potential overlapping channel interference
  • Select Wi-Fi channels based on RF Utilization
  • Discover sources of Non-Wi-Fi interference
  • Quickly document troubleshooting results
  • Measure WLAN network retransmission
  • Identify “slow talkers” on your wireless network
  • Optimize your Wi-Fi settings
  • Improve overall network throughput and capacity

You can download inSSIDer from here.

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