How to Verify Email Address is Valid or Not the Easiest Way

What If somebody gave you a email address or you have found an email address somewhere and you want to verify that it exists or not. Well there are basically two ways to identify whether an email address is real of fake.

Check Manually

Using Online Email Verification Tools

The first method is to send a test email to the email address which you want to verify and then wait for it to bounce back. If the email did not bounce back then it is a valid email address otherwise not. It is a very time consuming method and not a recommended one because sometimes it takes hours for an email to bounce back to you and sometimes even the fake email address does not bounce back and are lost in the network. So there it is not a guaranteed way to verify and email address.  Other manual way to verify an email address is by pinging it using Telnet commands using Putty which I think is way too technical and difficult for an average user to understand. The second method to verify and email address which I will be discussing next is much better where you can verify email address without sending email.

The second method to verify an email address is by using online email verification tools. It is the easiest method to find whether a given email address exist or not. Here you just have to enter the email address to be verified in the input box shown on the email verification website and then click on check or verify email now button. After few seconds result will be displayed stating whether the given email address is valid or not. Some of these tools also offer bulk email verification at some cost.


Best Free Online Email Verification Tools or Services

Here are some good free online services to verify that an email address is valid or not. All these services are reliable and provides real time email verification and you don’t have to wait for minutes or hours for results to show up.

How to Verify Email Address using Email Verification Tools

Step 1. Visit the website of the desired email verification tool listed above

Step 2. In the given input box enter the desired email address you want to verify


Step 3. Click on the Check or Verify Email button

Step 4. After few seconds Results will be shown below the input box stating that email address is valid or it is not valid.


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