How to search any website for content in other language

If you are looking for content in other languages on any website and not having any success then don’t loose hope, it can be done by using Google. This is very helpful in cases when you own a website where content is generated by the users and you want to find the spam content that is usually there in some other language. For this –

Type in the following URL in your browser address bar


and replace with your desired site url or domain and also modify the last two letters after lang_ , which is tr by the language code. Here tr is the language code for turkey.  You can find some of these language codes here.


Automatic Language Filter Name

Arabic lang_ar
Chinese (Simplified) lang_zh-CN
Chinese (Traditional) lang_zh-TW
Czech lang_cs
Danish lang_da
Dutch lang_nl
English lang_en
Estonian lang_et
Finnish lang_fi
French lang_fr
German lang_de
Greek lang_el
Hebrew lang_iw
Hungarian lang_hu
Icelandic lang_is
Italian lang_it
Japanese lang_ja
Korean lang_ko
Latvian lang_lv
Lithuanian lang_lt
Norwegian lang_no
Portuguese lang_pt
Polish lang_pl
Romanian lang_ro
Russian lang_ru
Spanish lang_es
Swedish lang_sv
Turkish lang_tr

Then press enter, the search results it will show will be in that particular language. If you own a social bookmarking site or classified site then this trick will be very helpful in finding the spam content posted by the users.

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