How to Find which WordPress theme other Site or Blog is using?

Have you ever wondered what wordpress theme the other site uses, if yes then you are at the right place. Here in this post I will tell you two methods, manual and automatic way to find wordpress theme of a website. The manual way need no tools but just your browser and the automatic way involves tools called wordpress theme detectors.

Why to find WordPress Theme of other Website?

Curiosity – You might be curious to know what themes do big and Popular Blogs uses.

You want that Theme – You like that theme on the other blog and you want it for your blog. The theme can either be free or premium. If it is premium then you have to buy it from its seller or company.

Knowledge or Research – You want to know it for your knowledge purpose or to perform some kind of research on wordpress themes.

Manual way to find WordPress Theme (Source code method)

The manual way to find the name of the theme is by looking at the source code of the index/front page of the website. Right click on the website page in your browser and select view source code option.


Right click and Select View Page Source

Here look for this kind of line as mentioned in the picture below in the html source code and you will find your theme name (highlighted in bold) in the url as


HTML Source Code of WordPress Site

Find Themes & Plugins using WordPress Theme Detectors

This is the easiest way to find wordpress themes of other sites. There are tools called WordPress Theme Detectors that are used to find the themes and plugins used on other wordpress blogs or sites. The two most popular ones are as follows:-

WordPress Theme Detector (WPTD) –

What WordPress Theme is That –

How to use WordPress theme detectors?

1. Open any of these tools using their web address mentioned above

2. Enter the targeted wordpress site url

3. Hit Enter or Check site type of button


WordPress Theme Detector (WPTD)


What WordPress Theme is That

4. The information about that website wordpress theme will be displayed along with some of the plugins used.

Note: This tool will not work on highly customized version of wordpress themes.

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