How to Find a Good WordPress Theme for your Blog?

When you start your WordPress blog then the first thing that you look for is a good theme. A theme is the most important part of your WordPress blog because it forms the presentation layer of your blog. A good theme can do wonders for your blog but a bad one can spoil it also.


A Premium WordPress Theme

Choosing a good theme for your blog is a somewhat a difficult task because there are millions of themes available on the internet, so you get very confused on which one to get or purchase if it is a premium theme. I recommend that it is way better to go for a Premium WordPress theme because of the numerous advantages and features they offer. You can read the advantages of premium wordpress themes by going through the link below.

Top Advantages of having Premium WordPress Themes

What to Look for in a Good WordPress Theme?

Here are some important things that you should keep in mind when choosing a theme for your wordpress blog.

Design & Layout

This is first and foremost thing too look for when selecting a theme. You should choose the design and layout according to your choice and blog needs i.e. simple blog design, magazine / news type design, placement of sidebars etc. Also the fonts should be readable enough and they should not be too fancy or unique.

SEO & Features

Next comes the theme features and SEO. You theme should be SEO ready otherwise you will face hard time ranking your content in searching engines. So make sure that the theme you are getting is Search Engine Optimized and is well structured. If you are getting a premium theme then make sure that the theme has extra features like easy ads integration, customization of colors and fonts, social integration, logo support, advanced widgets etc.


Your theme must be Responsive in design otherwise you will loose some your valuable visitors from mobile devices i.e. Smartphones, PDAs, Tablets etc. A responsive theme adapt its size, content and layout according to the size of your Smartphone, PDA, Tablet or any other Mobile device screen.

Loading Speed

The theme you are choosing should load fast as get to extra benefit in search engine rankings and to make your users happy. Visitors will likely to click and explore more of your blog’s pages if they are load very fast.

Free or Premium

Getting a Free or Premium theme is always a debate but if you want more performance and are serious about your blog then you should opt for a premium worpdress theme. If you are a new blogger and does not have the money to spend it on a theme then you can choose from tons of free wordpress themes available on the internet. Here you should be very careful in choosing a free wordpress theme as many free themes often contain some kind of spyware or malicious code in it which can destroy your blog. So my advice is to only download free wordpress themes from the Official WordPress site and other big trustable sites only.

Recommended Premium Themes for WordPress

If you want good quality WordPress Premium Themes that have loads of features, SEO Ready, Responsive, Affordable, Loads blazingly fast, then you should buy premium themes from MyThemeShop.

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