Fix When PC Powers ON but NO POST Screen or Display

Here I am going to discuss a very strange kind of problem which is generally faced by many PC users. In this problem your PC will power ON but it will be stuck afterwards. There will be no POST (Power on self test) screen and no video output even when all your PC components are working OK. So here I will talk about this problem in detail and also provide you the solution of this problem.

Symptoms or Issues of this Problem

Let us see the symptoms of this problem.

No POST Screen / Display

Your PC will power on and your cpu fan, chasis fans, smps fan and graphics card fan will start spinning normally but there will be no POST screen and video output. There will blank screen on your monitor and your PC will stuck there forever. Even on restarting the same thing will happen again.

Continuous Beeps

You may or may not hear continuous beeps from your PC internal speaker connected to your motherboard along with no POST Screen. It must be noted that beep codes vary from motherboard to motherboard as different motherboards have different BIOS program.

Hardware is OK

Even when all your PC hardware components are OK then also you can face this problem. So this strange problem is not dependent on the faulty working hardware component.

Solution / Fix to this Problem

Turn Off your PC power supply from the mains and then do the following:

First of you should check all your wires and cables connections inside your PC cabinet, especially the connection to your hard disk and motherboard. Then remove and put the RAM again in the memory slot. If you have two or more RAM then remove all of them and then test your PC with one RAM at a time and move further by adding other RAM too.


If POST screen is still not showing then repeat the following steps two or more times. Also you can clean the RAM contacts and slot with an anti-static cloth or brush, and just slightly push the RAM back and forth. After this you can power on your PC and your computer will start normally with regular POST screen and booting process will begin to load Windows or your Operating System.

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