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It is always a good practice to update your currently installed software to the latest version as to improve its stability and performance, but sometimes the situation can become the other way around and we can get stuck with the latest version of the software. I have also encountered this kind situation many times where the new version of the software has created a nightmare for me. Also we cannot roll back as the software site only offers the latest version of the software available for download, but there are some sites from which we can download the old version of the software.

Sites to Download Old Versions of Softwares/Programs

Here are two popular websites from which you can download the old versions of your favorite software or program.

This is a very popular site and is online since 2001. The site motto is ” because newer is not always better “. Softwares are available for Windows, Linux, Macintosh platform. The site is clean, free from malwares and viruses, and the database of the softwares available is quite big.


The softwares are arranged in different categories like filesharing, communication, graphics, multimedia, internet, utilities, security, office, FTP, drivers, networking and development.

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This is also another free site offering old versions of softwares. This site also has a big database of softwares and is free from viruses or any other threat.

oldappsSoftwares are divided into different categories such as messengers, file sharing, browsers, audio utilities, video utilities, misc utilities, cd and dvd tools, image editing, security tools, office and video editing, ftp clients, developer tools, file archives, email utilities and drivers.

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