Core i3 (2nd Generation) vs Core i3 (3rd Generation) for Laptop


Well the difference between these two generations of processors is not much but here I am listing down the major points that differs these two types of processors, so that anyone who wants to buy a core i3 equipped laptop does not have to land into any confusion.

Main Differences Between Core i3 2nd Generation and Core i3 3rd Generation Processors

Features Core i3 (2nd Generation) Core i3 (3rd Generation)
Lithography / Fabrication 32 nm 22nm
No. of Cores 2 2
No. of Threads 4 4
Cache 3 MB 3 MB
Memory Types DDR3 – 1066/1333 DDR3/L/-RS 1333/1600
Processor Graphics Intel® HD Graphics 3000 Intel® HD Graphics 4000
Graphics Base Frequency 650MHz 650MHz
Graphics Max Dynamic Frequency 1.15 GHz 1 GHz
No. of Displays Supported 2 3
Maximum Operating Temperature 85°C 105°C

So in all there is not much difference besides a higher FSB of 1666 MHz, new and improved graphics engine which is Intel HD Graphics 4000 and much higher operating temperature of 105°C. Core i3 3rd generation processors has about 5% to 8% improvement in performance over 2nd generation core i3 CPU’s. So if the price difference in the laptops is not much then you can go for 3rd generation processors otherwise 2nd generations are also as good as the third generation ones.

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