Affordable Graphics Card from Nvidia for your PC

It’s a fact that not everybody goes for a dedicated graphics card for their PC as they do not find it necessary. But in my opinion its always good to have a graphics card for your PC even if it is a budget one. An entry level graphics card can outperform any onboard video anytime. The basic things to look when you buy a graphics card are Cuda Cores, Memory type and its interface. Cuda cores are the main units of the card or you can say that they are the ‘Horse Power’ of the cards. A good graphics card can cost as much as $500 but there are some affordable options also available.

Budget Graphics Cards from Nvidia

Here are some good budget graphics cards from Nvidia for your computer.

GeForce GT 210

This is a very basic card even in the entry level segment. It has got only 16 cuda cores and a 64 bit Memory interface. Graphics Processor clock is 589 Mhz and Processor clock is at 1402 MHz. It has a 512 MB DDR2 memory which is slow for today’s standards. You will not be able to play latest games smoothly even on low resolutions but you can play Blue-Ray or HD Media smoothly and can run some Graphics intensive applications. Price is about $40 (Rs 2000).

GeForce_210_DDR2_3qtr_1000x5801GeForce GT 430

This is a very good entry level card. It has 96 Cuda cores and the Graphics and the Processor clocks are clocked at 700 MHz and 1400 MHz respectively. The Memory is having a 128 bit interface and is clocked at (800-900) MHz. It can have a maximum of 1 GB DDR3 memory which can produce bandwidth of 25.5 – 28.8 GB/s. You can play latest games on medium settings with Anti- aliasing turned off on this card. Price is about  $70 (Rs 3500).

GeForce_GT_430GeForce GT 440

This is an upgrade model of GT 430 having a higher Processor clocks and a faster GDDR5 memory. It has got the same 96 Cuda cores as in GT 430 but the Graphics and the Processor clocks are increased to 810 MHz and 1620 MHz. The card is coming with either GDDR3 or GDDR5 Memory which can deliver bandwidths up to 28.8 GB/s and 51.2 Gbs. The Memory interface is 128 bits only on both the memory types. GT 440 is approximately 20 percent faster than GT 430 and will provide more performance in games than GT 430. Price is about $86 (Rs 4300). This is the best card among all.

GeForce_GT_440GeForce GT 520

This is the latest entry level card with a new architecture. The Cuda cores in this card is reduced to 48 and the memory interface is also 64 bit only. Graphics and Processor Clocks are at 810 MHz and 1620 MHz respectively. It has 1 GB DDR3 memory which can provide bandwidth of 14.4 GB/s. Despite of its low cores count and reduced memory interface, this card is more powerful than GT 210 because of its newer architecture and may let you enjoy some latest games at low to medium settings. Price is about $56 (Rs 2800).


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