Comparison of Removable Battery vs Non-Removable Battery in Phones

Battery is a very essential part and powerhouse of a Smartphone. Battery is generally a removable part of your phone but nowadays more and more smartphones are coming with non-removable batteries which most of the people don’t like. This is because there are various restrictions and disadvantages associated with a smartphone having a Non-Removable battery. So here I talk about the various advantages for having a removable battery and disadvantages of having a non-removable battery in a Smartphone.


Benefits of Removable Battery over Non Removable Battery

Here are the top advantages that you can get if you buy a smartphone with removable battery.

Easier to Replace

The first and foremost advantage of having a removable battery is that it is easier to replace. You can remove the older battery and put in the new one just by opening the back cover of the phone, whereas in phones with non-removable battery you have to take them to the smartphone service centre and then the technician guy put in the new battery for you which takes more time and money.

Phone Less Prone to Damage & Heating

Your smartphone will be less prone to damage and heating if it has a removable battery. This is because if by any chance or for any reason your smartphone battery overheats then you can remove the faulty battery from the phone  to prevent any damage to phone’s electronic components and its circuitry, whereas you cannot do this in phones that have inbuilt non-removable batteries.

Easier to Fix Hanging / Freezing Issues

If somehow your phone hangs or freezes in the middle of your work and your hardware ON/OFF button is also not responding then the quickest and easiest way to fix this is to remove the battery of your smartphone and put it back after few seconds. This is not possible in non-removable battery phones and here you either have to take your phone to the service centre or wait for the battery to get discharged completely which can take considerable amount of time.

Cost Effective

Removable batteries are cost effective as you can replace them by yourself without any help, but for non removable batteries you have to pay the required service charges plus the cost of battery at the service centre for replacing your old battery. Also non-removable batteries may cost a bit more because of complexity involved in it.

Fewer Hurdles

There are fewer hurdles in maintaining a phone with removable battery. For example if you drop your phone in water then you can remove your battery to prevent any short-circuits or further damage to your phone and keep the phone and battery separately for faster drying.

Backup Battery for Emergency

If you travel a lot and use lot of your phone then you can keep one or two extra batteries with you for emergency purposes. If your battery runs out in the middle of your work then you can put the spare charged battery in the phone quickly and then continue or resume your work, whereas in non-removable batteries you cannot do so and you have to wait for them to be charged which consumes a lot of time and your can fall short in your work. So if you are into business or a type of work which involves too much dependency on your phone then I strongly recommend you to buy smartphone with removable battery only.

Better Resale Value

A phone with removable battery generally has better resale value than a phone with non-removable battery. This is because if the phone battery is not new then the buyer can buy a new battery and change it but there is too much of headache for changing non-removable battery in a phone.

Why More & More Manufacturers are going for Non-Removable Battery?

Today more and more smartphones are coming with non-removable batteries because of the following main reasons.

Slimmer & Lighter Phone – To make the smartphone slimmer and lighter in weight they have to get rid of the extra external casing or parts and embed the battery in the body of the smartphone itself. This is to make the smartphone sleeker or thinner which is the current style statement today.

Robustness – A phone with non-removable battery is generally more robust as a whole unit because it is sealed from all sides and there is less chance of breaking as there are no removable parts involved. So if you accidentally drop your phone then its battery and other parts will stay in one place but in phone with removable batteries their removable parts and battery may scatter to different places which makes them more prone to damage or breakage.

Tamper Proof – Non-removable batteries are more tamper proof and it is not easy to get them out. This is to kill or stop the market of duplicate and fake batteries as the customers have to go the authorized service centres to get their batteries changed. Authorized service centres only sells genuine original batteries which is more profitable for the smartphone company.

Less prone to Dust – A phone with non-removable battery will be less prone to dust as it is a whole sealed unit which prevents the dust from entering inside the phone.

Final Words

Well at last I would to say that if you are getting a smartphone and want a trouble free experience then you must buy a phone that has removable battery. Yes phones with non-removable batteries also have some advantages but they are not much or as important as compared to the phones with removable batteries. I personally use and prefer smartphone with removable battery because I do not want to face any trouble with my phone.

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