Google’s new Project to save Endangered Languages

Google has a taken a big step to save some of the endangered languages in the world. This noble act is made possible by Google through technology and collaboration. There are about 3054 dying languages that accounts for half of the total languages present in the world. For this project, Google has launched a website called where people can find and share the most up to date comprehensive information about endangered languages. It is an online resource to record, access and share samples and performs research on endangered languages.

You can also share your advice and make suggestions for those, who are involved or working to document and strengthen languages that are under serious threat. It is indeed an important step in preserving cultural diversity, honoring the knowledge of our elder and empowering our youth. These efforts can be strengthen by use of technology and helping people create high quality recordings of their elders or the cast speakers of a language. It can lead to the connection of diaspora communities through social media and spreads language learning.

This project is backed by Alliance for Linguistic Diversity, which is a new collation, gives those interested in preserving languages a place to store and access research, share advice and build collaborations. The key idea is put all these preservation efforts into Banner.

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