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Top Reasons to Switch to 64-bit version of Windows OS

Windows is one of the most popular operating system and is used widely especially by the Home PC users. It is available in both 32-bit and 64-bit versions from

Graphics Card Components Explained in Detail

Graphics Card may not be the essential component for an average or normal user but it is the most important component for high end gamers and people who run

Gorilla Glass vs Dragontrail Glass Comparison

Gorilla Glass and Dragontrail Glass are both very hard and tough glasses. Both these glasses are scratch resistant and are very difficult to break. Here I am making a

Difference between GDDR5 vs DDR3 vs GDDR3 vs GDDR4 RAM

GDDR5, GDDR3, GDDR4 and DDR3 are all types of DDR (Double Data Rate) RAM (Random Access Memory). Each one has their own application in the computer and technology field.

Why you should buy Smartphone with Gorilla Glass only?

Gorilla Glass is a very hard glass that is very difficult to scratch or damage. It is a product of corning, a well known glass manufacturing American company in

Core i3 (2nd Generation) vs Core i3 (3rd Generation) for Laptop

Well the difference between these two generations of processors is not much but here I am listing down the major points that differs these two types of processors, so

Some Good Budget Wireless Routers for your Home

If you are planning to go wireless with your current internet connection then you need a wireless router to set up a Wi-Fi internet network in your home. You

Geforce GT 640 – Decent Graphics Card for Budget Users

If you are on a budget and want a decent graphics card that offers good performance to play your latest games on playable frame rates then have a look
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